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 3D, designs, digital illustrations, drawings and paintings.

 Rhodes, The Island of the Sun, Greece. 


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About George Art

Hello, nice to meet you here!  🙂 Welcome to "George Art Gallery" Website! George is very honored to be able to share his art works with you. Need help finding something? Contact George, he'll be happy to help you.

His passion is to create works of art in many variations. For him, "and his customers in the past", colorful variations are important in any art expression. He is only satisfied when a unique end result has been created.

Many of his works of art only come to life in larger formats because the images you see are too minimized.

George can tell you about his life and how he came to the development of his art forms, but that makes little sense, because it has little to do with the processes he goes through today how a artwork is created.
For George, creating art is an extensive process, step by step.

The beginning of creating a work of art often has all-most nothing to do with the end result. It is a kind of meditation process that he goes through.
If he feels comfortable with it at that moment, the end result can be great to publish that art work in his Gallery/Shop/Website's.

If you are a store and want to sell my © Works of Art,
please use the menu-button
"Contact George".

This one is too big, this one is too small... how will I find one that's just right size?

One of the challenges of buying art prints online is choosing a size. No worries!
George's online "Shop" has a feature where you can get an idea of how a certain size will look before you buy it.

Let's say you want a framed print.
But choosing a size is difficult because you can't visualize how that might look.
You want a framed print to go in your living room next to an arm chair or above the sofa.   
This will be the focal point on that wall so you're thinking 30.00" x 22.50" would be a good size.           

Is it?

Now you have help choosing a size because you can preview what that might look like!
It's not exact, but it makes visualizing and choosing a size a lot easier.

Here's how it works:

  • Choose an "Wall Art" image
  • Note: (If you now click somewhere on the image you can see a full-resolution preview of the image).
  • Choose (on the right side) under "Wall Art" a print option. (Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, Standard Prints, etc.).
  • Choose a size
  • Choose (on the left side) View the print on the wall
  • Choose a different size
  • View the second size print on the wall

Not yet satisfied as your room/office/etc. differs from your own environment. Try the "NEW" next step.

NEW: View Artworks on Your Own Wall, with your mobile device.             

Another way to see if the art fits in the environment where you want to place it is this one.        
You have to see this to believe it.
We have an iOS app and an Android app that lets you use your mobile device's built in camera to visualize your artworks on your own wall.
Imagine that you can see exactly what an art work looks like.... to scale... on your own wall, anywhere!               

Pretty cool, right?

If you don't have the mobile app yet, "Contact George" and he send you a link to view George's artworks on your own wall using your mobile device. Yes, really!                    

You have nothing to lose!  🙂

  • If you've hesitated to purchase artwork online from "George Art Gallery" in the past, why not give artwork from "George Art Gallery" a try?                    
  • The Shop return policy is very simple: NO RISK.
  • A masterpiece with a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Each piece is produced using high resolution museum quality print from his original,                    
  • meticulously assembled at our state-of-the-art production facilities,
  • and delivered to you as a ready to hang.          

Any kind of watermark, for example this one

Copyright © 2023 by George Art Gallery

will NOT be printed on the
prints/artworks/gifts you buy.

"George Art Gallery" Shop is connected with:
The largest, most-respected custom framers and print-on-demand fulfillment network      in the world.   

Bring your print to life with a frame:     
There are over 250 different frames which can be used to create museum-quality masterpieces from any print.

Thanks to purchasing power in the wholesale trade, they are able to offer you frame prices that are generally 25 to 40% lower than in the retail trade.

All framed prints are assembled, packaged, and shipped by the expert craftsmans staff within 8 - 10 business days and arrive "ready to hang" with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails from our global manufacturing facility.

There are 16 manufacturing centers located world wide in 5 countries.  
Each manufacturing center can ship products to any destination in the  world.

When you place an order, we''ll automatically route your order to the nearest manufacturing center in order to minimize shipping costs and speed up delivery times.
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As an alternative to the purchase of an expensive original painting,
George offers here his works of art available to purchase as,
"high-quality gallery prints", on paper, canvas, metal ...

All George's "Wall Art" are painted on high quality canvas with acrylic paint glazes and many layers of varnish to create three dimensional depth and enhanced colors and one of a kind pieces of wall art.  

Wall Art products
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And if you're looking for "gift ideas" that aren't Wall Art, there are a bunch of other options here below.

Happy shopping!

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Copying and/or distributing, also partly, without written permission is strictly prohibited

© All Copyrights Reserved

By George Art.

See also: "Terms and Policies".

If you have any questions, wishes or requests,

please  "Contact me".

Take your time and enjoy George's Artworks.

Yours sincerely

George Art.



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